Tell Every Amazing Lady®

How will you tell?

Telling Every Amazing Lady® about ovarian cancer is crucial to saving lives from the disease — and a critical part of T.E.A.L.®’s mission. T.E.A.L.® supporters have taken that to heart and gone above and beyond to tell as many people as possible about T.E.A.L.® and ovarian cancer.

Here are some of the ways our amazing supporters have told:

Samantha has been a T.E.A.L.® volunteer since 2016. She found out about the foundation when she was playing roulette in Las Vegas. A group of guys next to her were teasing a man for wearing a teal-colored shirt.

“The man told them to ‘knock it off’ — it was Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. We struck up a conversation and I told him I lost my right ovary and tube due to a 7-centimeter tumor six months prior.”

He told her he worked for a company involved in finding solutions for ovarian cancer. He asked for her card, and one day she received a call about an opportunity to work with T.E.A.L.® on a series of PSAs sponsored by a pharmaceutical company.

She’s also been a T.E.A.L.® Volunteer of the Month.

As an event planner in Greenville, South Carolina, she Tells with the volunteer team of Southern Gala by planning and executing many large events benefiting the foundation.

Here’s how Samantha has told:

  • Featured in a series of public service announcements sponsored by a pharmaceutical company.
  • New Year’s Eve 2020 Southern Gala
  • All Hallows’ Gala to benefit T.E.A.L.®
  • New Year’s Eve 2019 Southern Gala
  • Go Fund Me for the 10th Annual T.E.A.L.® Walk
  • Battle of the Sexes Guest Bartending to benefit T.E.A.L.®
  • New Year’s Eve 2018 Southern Gala
  • Bubbly Bites to benefit T.E.A.L.®
  • Guest Bartending to benefit T.E.A.L.®
  • New Year’s Eve 2017 Southern Gala
  • Guest Bartending to benefit T.E.A.L.®
  • Wine Dinner to benefit T.E.A.L.®
  • Obtained a $1,000 donation from Michelin North America

Pamela Esposito-Amery has made it her mission to Tell Every Amazing Lady About Ovarian Cancer as the co-founder, CEO, and a board member of the nonprofit foundation Tell Every Amazing Lady About Ovarian Cancer Louisa M. McGregor Ovarian Cancer Foundation, also known as T.E.A.L.®. The organization is behind New York City’s largest walk/run for the disease, the Annual Brooklyn T.E.A.L.® Walk/Run. Pamela co-founded T.E.A.L.® in 2009 after her sister, the late Louisa M. McGregor, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The pair sought to spread public awareness of ovarian cancer, raise funds for research, and support women affected by the disease. Louisa — a wife, mother, and truly amazing lady — took a life-changing, difficult experience and transformed it into an opportunity for good by alerting millions of women everywhere to ovarian cancer signs, and offering support to those going through the same thing. 

Pamela began working full-time with T.E.A.L.® to spread Louisa’s uplifting message. She works to inform women across the globe about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, to help survivors and their families feel supported and part of a larger community, and to find a screening test to save lives. Pamela educates about ovarian cancer through T.E.A.L.®’s Community Outreach Program, regularly leading speaking engagements, lectures, and presentations at health fairs, symposiums, schools, universities, hospitals, and community centers. She has overseen T.E.A.L.®’s nationwide expansion of support and events, in addition to global outreach to increase the audience of her powerful message. 

Under Pamela’s continued leadership, T.E.A.L.® has raised over $3 million benefiting ovarian cancer research and awareness programs, and made invaluable influences in the lives and communities of ovarian cancer survivors. Although she misses Louisa every day, Pamela’s drive to support survivors continues to fuel T.E.A.L.®’s growth and uplift millions of women around the world.

Pamela’s work with T.E.A.L.® has been recognized:

  • By NY1 as its “New Yorker of the Week.” 
  • By her appearances on numerous television and radio shows, including “Good Day New York” and “The Doctor Oz Show.”
  • By such awards as Courier Life’s 2016 “Brooklyn Woman of Distinction” and the Brooklyn Cyclones’ 2018 “Winning Woman Award.” 
  • By her participation as a judge for the 2017 Miss Greater NYC Scholarship Pageant. 
  • By her feature alongside fellow ovarian cancer advocates in the NY Daily News’ March 2015 cover story “We Are Jolie: How Everyday Women Cope with the Same Cancer Issue Facing Angie,” which discussed the medical options for women at high risk of contracting ovarian cancer.