September Awareness Campaign

During September, which is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, T.E.A.L.® partners with local businesses and organizations to turn New York City and beyond teal to spread awareness about Ovarian Cancer. The goals of this campaign are to spread awareness of the signs, symptoms, and risk factors of Ovarian Cancer, to educate communities about the importance of early detection, to provide support to Ovarian Cancer survivors, and to generate funds for further research to find a cure and a screening test for this disease.

In additional to locally based awareness endeavors, T.E.A.L.®’s September Awareness Campaign continues to grow each year.  Nationally, T.E.A.L.® turns cities across the USA teal through our satellite T.E.A.L.® walks and runs and other awareness eventsGlobally, T.E.A.L.® spreads awareness by participating in opening bell ceremonies with global reach including the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) (2016) and NASDAQ (2015) in addition to other digital awareness activities.Historic sites such as Brooklyn ​Borough Hall, NYC City Hall​ and Coney Island’s Luna Park Parachute Jump have been lit teal to promote public awareness plus press conferences were held to educate the public of the signs, symptoms and risk factors of Ovarian Cancer.

Do You Know a Business That Would Like to Participate? Here Are Some Ways They Can Get Involved:

  • lighting or decorating a business, organization, or monument  the color teal
  • tying a teal ribbon around the tree outside their business with a window poster that describes what the ribbon symbolizes. T.E.A.L.® is partnering with Turn The Towns Teal®to provide ribbons for this initiative.
  • placing T.E.A.L.® brochures, flyers, and educational awareness cards inside their business
  • placing a T.E.A.L.® donation box by the register or on the counter space in their business
  • collaborating with T.E.A.L.® to design a special sales promotion
  • helping us spread awareness about the signs, symptoms and risk factors of Ovarian Cancer through literature, lectures, or speaking engagements

Contact us or call (917) 310-4835 for more information or how to get involved.

Thank you!