Support from The Brooklyn/Queens District 20K1 Lions Community

Co-founder sisters Pamela Esposito-Amery and the late Louisa M.McGregor alongside their father, Flatlands Lions Member, Larry Esposito have openly welcomed the increased support by fellow Lions and Leos at T.E.A.L.® events and beyond since 2009. As an organization founded by a family of Lions, T.E.A.L.® is thankful for the support from the Brooklyn/Queens District 20K1 Lions community over the years. The District 20K1 Lions Team participated in the Annual T.E.A.L.® Walk/Run in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY. This event spreads awareness and education about the signs, symptoms, and risk factors for ovarian cancer while raising money for research and celebrating our ovarian cancer survivors during the T.E.A.L.® Survivor Ceremony. View all Annual T.E.A.L.® Walks/Runs here. Thank You to 20-K1 District Governor Melissa Torres, and all Lions and Leos for your support!


160.00  Central Brooklyn Lions Club, Inc.
750.00   Flatlands Lions Club
1,470.00  Team Malu (Flatlands Lions Team)
100.00  Greenpoint Lions Club Foundation Inc
110.00  Winthrop Lions Club, Inc.
50.00  Winthrop Leos Club, Inc.
250.00  Brooklyn Crown Heights Lion’s Club Foundation, Inc
100.00  District 20K1 Lions
370.00  Transitions Lions
750.00  Mill Basin Bergen Beach Lions Club
25.00  Metropolis Lions Club
Total of $4,135.00


60.00  Brooklyn Clinton Hill Lions Club
100.00 Bedford Stuyvesant Lions Club
250.00 Kings County Lions Club
100.00 Brooklyn Vanderveer Pk Glenwood Lions Club
10.00  Crown Heights Lion Club
100.00 Floral Park Lions Club
500.00 South Brooklyn Lions
200.00 St. Albans Lions Foundation Inc.
500.00 Team Malu (Flatlands Lions)
50.00  Woodside Int’l
50.00  Stuy Park
150.00  East New York
500.00  South Brooklyn
200.00  St. Albans
100.00 Queens Village
75.00  Winthrop
70.00  Hollis
100.00 Rugby
130.00  Transition
100.00  Central Brooklyn
100.00 Midwood
250.00  King County
50.00  Brooklyn Leaders
1,715.00  Dist 20-K1 TEAL Raffle
50.00  Myra Crumpe
25.00  Denese Allen
10.00  Paulette Anthony
30.00  Cydelle Kranner
Total of  $5,575.00


1000.00 South Brooklyn
1,025.00 Flatlands Lions (Team Malu)
100.00 Crown Heights Lion Club
3650.00 District 20-K1
Total of $5,775.00 


250.00 Brooklyn Crown Heights Lions Club
100.00 Woodside Lions Club
100.00 Masbeth Lions Club
50.00 Lion Pearl Broome John
100.0 Brooklyn Rugby Lions
100.00 Central Brooklyn Lions Club Inc.
100.00 Queens Village Lions Club
150.00 South Slope Lions Club
600.00 Flatland Lions Club (Team Malu)
Total of $1,450.00 


250.00 Stuy Park Lions Club
200.00 St Albans Lions Foundation
1,000.00 South Brooklyn Lions Club
100.00 Donald and Gladys Pemberton
20.00 Anthony Cochran
20.00 Joyce Cochran
50.00 Yolande Cadore
20.00 Preston Carter
50.00 Faye Carter
1,375.00 Flatlands Lions Club (Team Malu)

Total of $3,085.00