Schern Yung is a world traveler, plain and simple. She’s doing what many of us only dream of: jetting across continents, leaving her comfort zone, seeing the sights, and turning her life into an adventure on a massive, global scale.

Schern’s doing what she loves. Five years ago at the age of 28, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Now cancer-free, she’s pulled out the map and been exploring all the places she’s ever longed to visit.  Fortunately, she’s been able to arrange for extended time off from work in order to feed her new addiction to travel.

So what has Schern been doing for the past two months?

Reenacting Mario Kart in Tokyo, Japan

Feasting on Korean food in Seoul

Checking out Schwedagon Pagoda in Burma

Walking the Great Wall of China
Seeing terracotta warriors in Xi’an, China
Visiting the 233-ft tall Leshan Giant Buddha in Sichuan Province, China
Playing in the dunes at Worimi National Park near Newcastle, Australia
Exploring the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia
Hiking by waterfalls in El Nido, Philippines
Sampling local treats with friends in Hong Kong
Snowboarding in Whistler, Canada
Diving with bullsharks in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

And roaming the streets of Havana, Cuba


Where is this amazing lady going to travel next?



Written by Jennifer Moon