Katy Scholdberg joined Team T.E.A.L.® after hearing about the organization through NYRR’s website. She is running the race in honor of her step-mother, Rhonda, who passed away recently from ovarian cancer.

Katy’s goal for the half is to finish strong and make Rhonda proud. Her favorite aspects of running are the quiet times it allows her, as well as the sense of accomplishment. Five years ago she couldn’t run one mile, and she is now an accomplished half-marathon finisher!

If Katy could change one thing related to ovarian cancer, she would like there to be an easier and more effective screening test, so that there could be earlier diagnosis. On behalf of Rhonda, she would like T.E.A.L.® readers to know that no matter how small your family or support network may seem, there are people and organizations out there fighting on your behalf for a cure. In her own words- “Don’t give up hope- there are a lot of people fighting for you!”