On Friday, September 1st, for the 3rd year in a row, T.E.A.L.® lit the Parachute Jump in Luna Park Teal to mark the start of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Council Member Mark Treyger made a short speech, having joined community members, staff, and volunteers in the fight against ovarian cancer. As CEO Pamela Esposito-Amery explained to Brooklyn Reporter, “by lighting a monument, it might get women to a doctor earlier and save lives.” The parachute jump was lit for 4 days, prompting residents throughout New York to learn more about what Teal stands for, and learn more about the signs and symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. News 12 was also in attendance, reporting live and speaking to survivors about the importance of awareness regarding the disease. For the full video, you can visit: http://brooklyn.news12.com/clip/13669281/brooklyn-organization-kicks-off-ovarian-cancer-awareness-month