Help build our rainbow of thanks

T.E.A.L.® needs your help spreading gratitude in our community. We are creating a rainbow made of paper butterflies in our T.E.A.L.® Community Center window. These times have taught us the importance and healing power of gratitude. Take a moment to thank a healthcare worker, grocery store clerk, mail person, and more. Thank your neighbor for their morning greeting! Or, express love for an ovarian cancer survivor and their caregivers.
In the comment box below, type a message to go on your butterfly and let us know what color you’d like your butterfly to be. We’ll post it for you. If you prefer to make your own, print the butterfly on your paper color of choice, write your message, and mail it to:
T.E.A.L.® Community Center
533 16th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215.
This is a great way to honor and support the survivor community and the essential individuals who have kept us going.
Stay tuned to see pictures of the finished mural!