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Saturday, September 7th, 2019

11th Annual

Brooklyn T.E.A.L.® Walk/Run™

Tell Every

Amazing Lady®

Tell Every Amazing Lady About Ovarian Cancer, Louisa M. McGregor Ovarian Cancer Foundation also known as T.E.A.L.®'s mission is to promote public awareness and education of the signs, symptoms and risk factors of ovarian cancer, while providing support to survivors and raising funds for research in order to find the cure for ovarian cancer.

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Amazing Lady

Membership Program

The Amazing Lady Membership Program focuses on stress reduction, wellness, beauty, valuable resources and more! Members will receive FREE items to help ovarian cancer survivors and patients all year long!

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Tell Every Amazing Lady®

Awareness Program

T.E.A.L.®’s mission is to provide awareness and education about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer through community outreach, public awareness campaigns, and T.E.A.L.® workshops and events.

Medical Research Program

T.E.A.L.® has funded research at some of the countries most prestigious hospitals and institutions. View all of the studies T.E.A.L.® has funded on the medical research and beneficiaries page.

Survivor Support Program

T.E.A.L.® supports survivors of ovarian cancer and their family, friends, and caretakers. We offer many resources for survivors through our many partnerships, we are able to cover everything from clinical trials to genetic testing to home support.

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